Seaweed. The smart way to combat climate change.

We fight climate change by using seaweed’s fast-growing features to extract CO₂ from our oceans and atmosphere, achieving results 30 times quicker than reforestation.

We are a UK start-up focused on trapping and locking away carbon through a global network of seaweed farms

We are aiming to have 1 million metres of seaweed ropes in the water by the end of 2025

What we do

Carbon Kapture grows seaweed to absorb CO₂ and then traps the carbon. We have started a project which could change everything. It has the potential to outperform the scale of the rainforests we continue to destroy. The problem is that trees don’t become useful at sequestering carbon for anywhere between 10-40 years. By focusing on growing trees alone we will not meet the climate deadline – we need a better solution.

Carbon Kapture combines one of nature’s most effective forms of absorbing CO₂ with technology designed to lock the carbon away for hundreds of years. It’s a solution which absorbs CO₂ instantly, one which works 30x more quickly than trees, one that we can repeat each year, and one which allows us to trap the carbon and then store it safely in the ground.

By sponsoring ropes of seaweed, you will be part of a global movement creating one of the world’s fastest carbon sequestration projects

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