Who are we?

The Story

Carbon Kapture’s unique business model is designed to rapidly and permanently remove excess carbon dioxide from our seas and oceans. By building a global network of kelp (seaweed) farms that remove excess CO₂ from our oceans, our innovative solution will help prevent irreversible damage to our planet and protect biodiversity in the new blue economy. We aim to provide a simple, fast-acting and direct way to make a demonstrable difference in the pursuit of net zero emissions. Join us in this exciting nature-based adventure.

Local community is very important to us, so each one of our farms is created with that in mind. It’s called a circular economy, and we will work with communities to integrate our farms to create these new circular economies – an approach to raw materials (in this case), where everything has value, nothing is wasted, and the environment benefits. For example, we grow seaweed to extract excess CO₂. The seaweed is then turned into biochar, which can be given to local farmers to improve soil quality, or even used to create low-carbon cement and made into the anchors securing our seaweed ropes. We work with local communities to identify opportunities to create a circular economy.


Our founders, Howard and Dave, were brought together because of their shared desire to find a way to preserve our planet in the most sustainable way possible. The story truly begins back in 2019, when the two met at a film showing ‘The Race is On: Secrets and Solutions of Climate’. Dave mentioned the benefits of seaweed and the way it absorbs CO₂ faster than trees, being capable of a larger scale than man-made solutions out there. It was from that simple remark that they both decided to join as business partners and create Carbon Kapture.

Howard & Dave

Thought leaders in aquaculture and climate change, this dynamic duo are true ecopreneurs, and lead the charge at Carbon Kapture, both strategically and technically:

Howard Gunstock

Chief Kelper & Co-Founder

His role as Chief Kelper at Carbon Kapture is founded in creating a planet-first company that can monetise the removal of pollution. He is a multi-award-winning former corporate strategist and has worked with disruptor brands in the tobacco, supply chain, material handling, manufacturing, and telecoms industries.

Dave Walker-Nix

CTO & Co-Founder

Dave is the technical brains of the outfit. His journey across public service, the environment and technology makes him uniquely-placed to engineer and innovate these ground-breaking solutions to cushion and reduce the effects of climate change.


Carbon Kapture is headquartered on Poole Quay, in the heart of the world’s second-largest natural harbour.

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