SME Rope Sponsorship

It is estimated that two-thirds of small businesses are concerned over navigating climate action – Carbon Kapture is helping organisations in this sector to create a real-time impact on their local environments

Small businesses need offset projects that align with their values and goals and want to communicate these carbon-offsetting efforts with their stakeholders. We help our customers build awareness of their sustainability achievements to enhance their reputation as a socially and environmentally responsible organisation.

Small to medium-sized companies account for approx. 90% of businesses worldwide – this is where the biggest change can happen!

Each 100m rope is £1,500 and will capture approx 180kg of CO₂



Get your personalised certificate showing the approximate weight of Seaweed you will grow and CO₂ you will capture



You will receive a what3words reference showing exactly where your rope is floating
Camera (1)


Quarterly video updates explaining the type of seaweed being grown and general progress
Scales (1)


The weight of your seaweed when harvested and the amount of biochar produced
Tractor (1)


A what3words reference to the field it ends up in, and where it will remain forever more!
Globe (1)


Satisfaction that you’ve made an immediate positive impact on climate change