Carbon Kapture features in World Economic Forums on World Ocean Day 2023

World Ocean Day is a pretty big deal in the Carbon Kapture calendar.  When we found out that The World Economic Forum wanted to talk to us we were understandably excited. Then when the interview came and they mentioned that they were going to feature us on #WorldOceanDay I think a little part of me went to the CK bucket list and ticked off ‘get featured in a WEF article’ 

It’s fantastic to get this sort of attention but it would be even better for us, if you, the people that follow us, could share our news far and wide. This sort of article is the social proof that encourages the adoption of our seaweed ropes.

Now, if anyone wants to help us talk to Sir David Attenborough or get featured in Nation Geographic, please raise your hands.

Read the article here

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