Everyone loves technology, but not the carbon emissions which accompany it. Companies across the industry strive to meet their decarbonisation goals, but the unprecedented demand for tech, combined with supply chain shortages, makes hitting emission targets a challenge. The technology industry has a vital role to play in ensuring carbon pollution is brought under control and meeting the climate framework of the 2015 Paris Agreement. From hardware manufacturers to cloud platforms, and service providers to data centres, Carbon Kapture has a unique approach to partnering with tech organisations of all sizes to provide real-time impact and help do good in the communities they most effect.

Entry-level commitment starts at 10 ropes (0.25 hectares) = £15,000

Our technology customers benefit from a personalised experience which can include time with our CEO and personalised media for social platforms and communications. We can also discuss employee sustainability programmes and community projects. One of the other unique conversations we can have is sourcing and deploying your own farms in your key areas of operation, helping the local communities most impacted by your activities.


Get your personalised certificate showing the approximate weight of Seaweed you will grow and CO₂ you will capture



You will receive a what3words reference showing exactly where your rope is floating
Camera (1)


Quarterly video updates explaining the type of seaweed being grown and general progress
Scales (1)


The weight of your seaweed when harvested and the amount of biochar produced
Tractor (1)


A what3words reference to the field it ends up in, and where it will remain forever more!
Globe (1)


Satisfaction that you’ve made an immediate positive impact on climate change