Carbon ‘seaquestration’: can kelp help combat climate change?

For many of us, the word ‘kelp’ conjures up dreamy images of fronded forests gently waving underwater. But don’t be distracted by its beauty – there’s much more to this wonderful ‘weed than that. ‘Kelp’ is actually the umbrella name we’ve given to a group of large, brown algae that grow in cold, coastal seawaters […]

Carbon Kapture features in World Economic Forums on World Ocean Day 2023

World Ocean Day is a pretty big deal in the Carbon Kapture calendar.  When we found out that The World Economic Forum wanted to talk to us we were understandably excited. Then when the interview came and they mentioned that they were going to feature us on #WorldOceanDay I think a little part of me […]

Mulroy Bay COP27

It has been a crazy few weeks for the Carbon Kapture team. I went to COP26 last year as it was in the UK, but attending COP27 was not on my to-do list, for many reasons. Instead, while the world focused on the event in Egypt, Dave Walker Nix and I went on a bit […]

Launch Blog

Well, this has been quite an adventure. It’s been 3.5 years since Dave and I started Carbon Kapture. It’s been a roller coaster getting here, but let’s not talk about the past. Let’s talk about what is happening now! We are ready to make a dent in reviving marine ecosystems, improving ocean health, increasing marine […]